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Finally got inspiration. Haven’t made an image in a while.
I know if I’m saying what people shouldn’t say, I should suggest to them something to say. I kind of followed this video for the answer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Evwgu369Jw


Finally got inspiration. Haven’t made an image in a while.

I know if I’m saying what people shouldn’t say, I should suggest to them something to say. I kind of followed this video for the answer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Evwgu369Jw

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So, me and Nipple need a little more help.




so as a refresher, this genderfluid queer and their furry offspring are homeless due to a breakup.

y’all donated enough money for the deposit, for which I am extremely grateful, but the apartment manager is getting iffy about me not having official paystubs. as a webcam model, I can’t really do my thing unless I have a consistent room to do it in, so I’m not making any money until I get into this apartment, and I can’t exactly present paystubs for my job. so I’m going to have to come up with two months rent very soon in order to get the place.

rent is $540 a month, so I need to conjure up a grand very very quickly. /: I’m sorry to be asking so much of all of you, but if you can donate, my paypal email is hoekstraliebe@gmail.com and any little bit helps. if you can’t, reblogging and signal boosting is helping me all the same.

thank y’all so much. it’s been a really hard few months for me and your support has been monumental in keeping me afloat.

Also added a donate button to my blog to make things easier.

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Animals Saved


I’ve often seen people talking in these terms, in one way or another, but I don’t find that veganism is best thought of in terms of number of animals individually saved. I would criticise the use of such points in any discussion about veganism. There are a number of flaws with this mentality, such as:

  1. Something like this suggests that I’ve saved hundreds of fish and birds, yet even before being vegetarian I couldn’t stand the taste of fish or bird flesh, so even if I weren’t vegan they wouldn’t have been killed for and eaten by me.
  2. This implies that those who otherwise would have done the most harm, are doing the most good now by being vegan, and those who previously did less harm have done less good by being vegan now.
  3. It would suggest that to not exploit/harm non-human animals is to do good (saving), rather than to not do bad (the absense of harm).
  4. This ignores the goal of eliminating speciesism and use/harm of non-human animals, and shifts focus onto personal good.
  5. Harm done to animals in non-food contexts is often ignored in such counts, or even in the egg/dairy industries.
  6. If people think in terms of “personal good” then an avid meat eater could potentially do more good by halving their consumption of animal flesh, than someone who dislikes it anyway can by having a vegan diet.

Why rest the significance of veganism on such a flawed and inconsistent concept as number of lives saved by the individual? The important thing is that we are:

  1. Challenging speciesism
  2. By only our presence causing people to question their exploitation of non-human animals
  3. Increasing awareness of non-human animals as deserving of moral consideration
  4. Increasing awareness of vegan diets
  5. Increasing demand for easily accessible vegan foods/items
  6. Decreasing demand for products of animal harm/exploitation**
  7. Spreading veganism
  8. Challenging the concept of “happy exploitation”
  9. Being morally consistent

Those are the things that move us towards real change.

** I know a lot of focus is put on this point, but I think it’s no more than one part of what veganism does to enact real change. If you only focus of voting with your dollar, then it ignores those types of harm in which no money exchanges hands.

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ok, i am fully sick of this shit, dictionaries are not sparkly magical oases of unbiased truth, utterly untouched by racism or political agenda

whose political agenda exactly? here, lemme show you. i took five minutes to search for the creators and current owners of merriam-webster and the oxford dictionary and this is what i got


noah webster, wrote the first webster’s. did you also know he was a hardxcore american nationalist and christian who thought the written word was explicitly a tool that needed to be used to control public dissent and individualism which he considered to be badwrong? LOOK IT UP, SHITDICK

oh but who owns it now? well websters became merriam-websters which is a subsidiary of encyclopaedia britannica inc. currently, but here are just some of the white dudes who owned the rights to webster’s shit along the way


hello richard warren sears, yes THAT sears, you are looking particular white and rich


senator william benton, yale graduate, founder of benton & bowles advertising company! rockin that rich whiteness


jacqui safra! member of the famous safra banking family, current owner of encyclopaedia britannica, and merriam-webster and spring mountain vineyard, friend of woody allen and financer of EIGHT of his films. how deliciously white and rich you smell.

here is a small sample of the white dudes that collabed on oxford dictionary originally, archbishop trench, herbert coleridge, frederick james furnivall and sir james murray by this point i was 500% done with reading biographies on boring white dudes doing boring white dude things so instead let’s just all bask in how boring and white they are


for added fun the wiki article on the oxford dictionary has a whole section on criticisms that basically outlines exactly the fucking problem here

Despite its claim of authority[5] on the English language, the Oxford English Dictionary has been criticised from various angles. It has become a target precisely because of its massiveness, its claims to authority, and above all its influence. In his review of the 1982 supplement, University of Oxford linguist Roy Harris writes that criticizing the OED is extremely difficult because “one is dealing not just with a dictionary but with a national institution”, one that “has become, like the English monarchy, virtually immune from criticism in principle”.[30]:935 Harris also criticises what he sees as the “black-and-white lexicography” of the Dictionary, by which he means its reliance upon printed language over spoken—and then only privileged forms of printing. He further notes that, while neologisms from respected “literary” authors such as Samuel Beckett and Virginia Woolf are included, usage of words in newspapers or other, less “respectable”, sources hold less sway, although they may be commonly used.[30]:935 He writes that the OED’s “[b]lack-and-white lexicography is also black-and-white in that it takes upon itself to pronounce authoritatively on the rights and wrongs of usage”,[30]:935 faulting the Dictionary’s prescriptive, rather than descriptive, usage. To Harris, this prescriptive classification of certain usages as “erroneous” and the complete omission of various forms and usages cumulatively represent the “social bias[es]” of the (presumably well-educated and wealthy) compilers.[30]:936

so basically, fuck you, you fucking fuck, if you trot out a dictionary definition as proof of racism against white people cuz THE DICTIONARY SAYS that racism is defined only as “racial prejudice or discrimination” (merriam-webster) or “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race” (oxford).

well guess the fuck what.




all of this.

what i like to bring up as an example is the tomato. you know how everybody argues about whether or not it’s a fruit or a vegetable? so get this: legally, the tomato is a vegetable. the SCOTUS ruled in 1893 that the tomato is a vegetable because they wanted it to get taxed (at that time there was no tax on fruits and U.S. markets were being flooded by foreign fruits).

you guys, the definition of a tomato had a political agenda.

a fucking tomato.

what on earth does quoting the dictionary on oppression (which is vastly more complex than a tomato, mind you) make you think that you’re somehow unbiased or neutral

For anyone who wants to harass me about the “white dictionary” thing ever again

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money for trans women and amab trans folk


hello! i am doing a thing! 

as some of you might know, may day (may 1st) and the month of may in general is the celebration of Mary in catholic tradition (likely because of her conflation with Flora, the roman goddess of flowers and spring. floralia, the festival in Flora’s honor, usually happened in may).

so in honor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, i’d like to do a money give away thing for trans women and amab trans folk.

if you would like to be entered into a drawing to receive $1,000 for help with life or transition or health stuff or whatever, please send me an ask so i can have your URL. i will enter all names into a virtual hat and the person whose name i pick on may day will get the monies. you must have a pay pal set up bc i am bad at mailing things!

i was thinking about doing a thing where if you are a woc, or disabled, etc etc, you could get your name into the hat more times? but i also don’t want to be the one to judge other people’s oppressions, so feedback on whether or not i should do that is desired.

pls spread the word by reblogging. 

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check it out i set up a gofundme

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